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If you love someone more than anything, then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart. i have the time to write. Even it’s kinda an old story, i think i have to be fair and square in updating and telling everyone about those who left us:) dont worry. This blog are made just to make sure our relation as friends will last forever. insyaAllah. By the way, be supportive.they left to find new surroundings.maybe when they’re back, they’ll share?! ohh yeah. I’m not THAT good in english. So i’m sorry if they’re mistakes.hehes:) hope you can help me to correct ‘em. Come on guys, to err is a human. I think it’ld be better to write in English since we’re in a CLUSTER SCHOOL:P

Firstly, it has been a long time since Amir Hafiz, Farmie Judin[fahmi izzudin], Ummul Hadhirah and Azimah Salleh left us and find a new life in KISAS and SBPIKP. there was a party held[for guys only], to amir and fahmi. The girls also held a party( at hostel only:P) to celebrate ummul and azimah. I think Ikmal might forgotten to upload them.he just uploaded the pictures of the guys only. I think maybe i’m gonna upload it IF i can find a space and time to update blogs i manage. I’m sorry for this. IKMAL and I also got things to do you know. Homeworks, sports day[cehh pdhl tak telibat un:P brulg dua2] and bla3...~ :P

I think i’ve melalut so banyak:P now, this is about new leavers[is it a good word?wtvr], who are, Ariff Bahruddin, Anis Abu Hassan and Noor Shazwanie. They left us for good also. To MRSM Taiping, MRSM Kubang Pasu and MRSM Balik Pulau.

Hmm.what to say. I dun really know actually. Now let’s see the ‘sejarah’ they made for us:P

Ariff: a leader[prefects].he was in 1IS, 2AF, 3AZ and 4IK.

Anis: a girl?haha.she’s the person who create the poem that I[far] won at to the state level[jasa besar tu!]. She was in 1AR, 2IS, 3IR and 4AR.

Shazwanie: well, lets say, i dun remember which class when she was in form1. But i think it’s 1IR? 2IR, 3AF, and 4AR.

Hehes. I dunno what to explain more. I’m soooooo SORRY:P perhaps Ikmal[mad] can say sumtin more? Since he seems very rare to on9, i updated this blog. Even it’s not a very good post:P SORRY AGAIN.

So,,, lets pray for their best. As once an Irshadian, always an Irshadian. insyaAllah, our batch 0711 will prove something:) takbir!!! ALLAHUAKBAR! [dunno whre i got the spirit from.perhaps from the statement that our headmistress made: FORM3 2009 IS THE WORST BATCH!]

Dont worry. insyaAllah, we’ll do our best. From now on, let’s work harder. Be positive all the time. Ustazah Alawiyah once said to my class[4IK], “when people really work hard on us, pressed us, it means they love us.”

Yeah, by the way, i know they’re many new rules and it makes many students want to go out. NO! DONT! Come on, just try? I mean, let’s stand strong together for this couple of years. It’s not a long time mehh...sat jek.sabar siket k. Lets go by the book! Hahak.made me laugh when I say that. Come on, lets try. :)

I think i’ve melalut very banyak:P Please take care wherever you are:]
Thts all kot. From me:) tenkyiuuuuu.

~say it best when we say nothing at all~


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