Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Last Memoir of Amir and Fahmi

The Last Memoir of Amir and Fahmi

15th of January was the best day ever for two of 4IK students who got 9A's in PMR '09 as they were given a chance to further their study in Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College (SASIC).

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Starting using the blog to be one of the way to keep in touch..

Cross Country '09

SMKA Al-Irshad Cross Country '10

One of the annual school activities is Cross Country. SMKA Al-Irshad has just held a Cross Country Competition on 23rd of January, 2010. It has been held in Malakoff Palm Oil Plantation which situated a stone's throw of the school.

The Day of PMR result announced

PMR Result '09

170 of Al-Irshad PMR candidates went to school eagerly in order to take their PMR result. This year of 2009, almost half of the candidates passed the PMR examination with flying colours with 72 candidates got 9A's, 28 candidates for 8A's.
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