Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Choral Speaking :)

1st to story. 
assalamu'alaikum sekali lagi.
it wasnt a competition. it was a fight. huh?
entahh. i dunno how to say.
but the school that took participation were only
SMKA Al-Irshad and SMK Convent Butterworth.

i felt sorry to announce that we didnt manage wo get the first place to represent the Daerah.
however, we did have our experience :)

they said we're great! the CBW said soo.
well, here are some of their praises :)

Natasha Ananda : you guys were so great! you got great text! the lines were good.

Syasya Goh : congrats! you did well! 

many and many praise pon, still, we got the 1st runner up :) HAHA.
kira greatttt jugak lahh kan? :P

tahniah and thanks for the experience :D

~say it best when we say nothing at all~


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