Friday, September 10, 2010

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i'm just a mere.
i do make mistakes
and sometimes i pretend to be innocent
ignoring those people who advised.
i considered them nag
ordering me not to do this
but do that.

but now i realize
perhaps it's the right time
i know they want to take me
to the right path
giving me a new life
leading me a new way
and changing for good.
to get me back to the 
the real muslim way.

then today i remember,
i was once a naughty kid,
never obey the rules
but making my own rule.

i never regret it anyway
because it happened.
i have to be happy.
but i beg your apologies.
for all the mistakes.
because i felt like, was just like yesterday when i did the mistake.

siti farzana rosley
12.30PM [10092010]

p/s : i know this doesn't sound like a poem. and even i don't know how to describe it as what. however, those written, were things that came out to my mind and for the sake of not letting this blog being bored, i write. i just love poems, but i'm not a good poet. sorry for that.
anyway, Salam Eid Mubarak.

to all teachers, friends, seniors, juniors and all.
the irshadian 0711 begging you guys for apology. we might made some problems, make you guys worried of us, but we'll try harder to change. and seriously, facebook helps us a lot(my own opinion)

may Allah bless you guys. always.


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