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The Day of PMR result announced

PMR Result '09

170 of Al-Irshad PMR candidates went to school eagerly in order to take their PMR result. This year of 2009, almost half of the candidates passed the PMR examination with flying colours with 72 candidates got 9A's, 28 candidates for 8A's.

The happiness shown by the candidates who managed to score 9A's and 8A's in PMR 2009

Although 2009 PMR candidates were the worst candidates in Al-Irshad because of their behaviour, surprisingly, they had broken the record to be the highest number of candidates that scored 9A's in PMR.

Here are some of the 9A's and 8A's scorer in PMR '09

We thanked to all the teachers that had been teaching us for a year. THANK YOU TEACHERS!!


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9A's and you can't even construct a sentence properly.

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