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Cross Country '09

SMKA Al-Irshad Cross Country '10

One of the annual school activities is Cross Country. SMKA Al-Irshad has just held a Cross Country Competition on 23rd of January, 2010. It has been held in Malakoff Palm Oil Plantation which situated a stone's throw of the school.

It was approximately 8 in the morning when the competition has just begun. It began with the L2 category ( boys under 15 years old ) followed by L1 category ( boys under 18 years old ). P2 category starting to run when the L1 ( girls under 15 years old ) category has just run. It is followed by P1 category ( girls under 18 years old ).

3 of the girls that taking part in the competition

The competition ended at about 11 in the morning. The prize-giving ceremony was held to give the prize for the winners. The winner of the competition is Omar. The first runner-up is Ali followed by Osman and Abu Bakar at the fourth place.

Next year will be the last Cross Country Competition in Al-Irshad for us.

Before starting the Cross Country Competition

The member of "Omar" was doing some preparation before the competition started

One of the member of "Osman" Team leading the others participants


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